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#1 Hydrophobic Liquid Glass Coating - Protection That Lasts

$49.95 CAD

For any vehicule owner, cars are one of life's biggest - and most important - investments. So why not protect your investment and give it the TLC it needs and deserves while ensuring your own safety and security?

During testing, we found that our revolutionary ITEKT Windshield hydrophobic liquid glass protectant ensures water, oil, and dirt do not cling to glass while offering additional benefits to you and your vehicle:

  • Water repellent up to one year

  • Helps to repel dirt, snow, ice and insects

  • 20% superior shatter and scratch resistance

  • Improved visibility during harsh weather conditions

  • Easy 15-minute application

  • Flawless, streak-free finish

  • Silicone-free

  • No discoloration with UV light

  • Reduces washer fluid consumption

The Science Behind ITEKT

ITEKT Liquid Glass Protection Nanotechnology

Made without the use of silicone or other harsh chemicals, ITEKT Windshield is the most effective and durable yet affordable and environmentally friendly liquid glass protection on the market today.

Created primarily from sand (silicon dioxide (SiO2)) that has been compressed at the molecular level, ITEKT used the power of science and nanotechnology to design a one-of-a-kind liquid glass formula that has been lab-tested and proven to act as a natural shield.

When applied, ITEKT's innovative liquid glass coating fills the pores and perfectly bonds with your windshield glass, leaving behind a flawless finish that is completely invisible to the naked eye and touch.

Once dry, this coating creates an electric charge that helps to repel water, dirt, frost, and more so you can drive safely, use less windshield washer fluid, and keep your windshield – and family – protected.

luxury suv with itekt windshield science explanation

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application process

how to apply itekt for optimal protection

video: windshield preparation

Make sure your windshield is warm (minimum 28ºC) and clean without any grease/wax/silicone before application. When ready, apply ITEKT Cleaner to the blue cloth included in your kit and use that cloth to apply the cleaner to your windshield. Remove any excess from the glass.

video: itekt application

Apply 3 thin layers of ITEKT Protector using the second blue cloth.

video: buff and test results

Remove any excess product with the microfiber cloth and test the results for yourself!

give your windshield the protection it needs today

water repellent for up to one year
Repels dirt, snow, ice, and insects
20% increased resistance to shatters and scratches
improved visibility during harsh weather conditions
easy 15-minutes application
flawless, streak-free finish
reduce washer fluid consumption

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